My Wild wishes

What’s life without a goal and what’s an adventurer without a bucket list?? Well, here’s mine.. While some are doable, some just shout out to say “I’m-possible”… Even as some are mid-term, some are long-term goals. But anyway, there’s no harm in having a list, right..?

For now… I SHOULD…!!

  1. See Kaveri Theerthodbava
  2. Spot a tiger- In the WILD
  3. Buy a Cycle – Go for a cycle trip around Hampi
  4.  Scuba dive with Rajan @ Havelock
  5. Watch Kambala
  6. Do the turtle walk
  7. Get pictured in the exact place where i was born
  8. Trek to the Gangotri glacier
  9. Learn Yakshagana and Perform on stage
  10. Take a dip in the Holy Ganges (No! Not at Varanasi)
  11. Learn to play the Harmonium
  12. Learn to play the Guitar
  13. Re-do the trek to Abbi falls (Route 2)
  14. Experience the madness of the snake boat race
  15. See the coffee blossoms bloom
  16. Explore the Hoysala trail – 1 , 2 , 3, 4, …..
  17. Tread on the living roots bridges of Meghalaya
  18. Feel the mad rush at atleast one of the Maha Kumbha Melas (Allahabad, Haridwar, Nasik or Ujjain)
  19. Kayak on bioluminescent wasters

Someday… I WILL..!!

  1. Watch the Aurora Borealis
  2. Explore Pakistan, India’s better half
  3. See the round blue earth from space
  4. Write a biography
  5. Hug a penguin
  6. Own an Adobe mud house in a farm
  7. Sky dive over the palm island- Dubai
  8. Visit the Trunyan village- Bali
  9. Watch a Neon light making process- Hong Kong
  10. Watch a local movie in a tent
  11. See coral spawning over the Great Barrier reef- Australia
  12. Fly a plane all by myself
  13. Watch a Rocket launch in Real
  14. Post-a-nut from the Ho’olehua post office- Hawaii
  15. Visit the mountainous rainbow at zhangye danxia landform- China
  16. Trek the Chadar.. The frozen Zanskar river
  17. Wake up in a cozy cave at Cappadocia- Turkey
  18. Get pictured on the Kjeragbolten- Norway
  19. Take a dip in the Devil’s pool- Zambia
  20. Visit Antarctica

More to come….
Pheww…!! There is sooo much to do before I die and soo little time left …. 😦


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