Bangalore Day Trips

If you are visiting Bangalore just for a day or are a resident of the city figuring out how to spend your day, here is a curation for those who are short on time and high on interest to explore. Depending on your choice, you can choose from what I have put-in together under three different categories.

Short drives:

The soil of Bengaluru is believed to be extremely fertile. One can visit a new farm and learn about agriculture in every direction. Also, several reserved forests dot the city boundaries. But the rapidly expanding boundary of the city has been soon taking over these green spaces and the limits of the city outskirts has been constantly changing.

My family and I have always loved to drive or ride out of the city in search of green spaces and spend some time in random destinations that are as random as just a lonely tree, a lake or a large boulder that gives a good view of the surroundings. Here is a list of such routes, trips and stories to help you plan yours.

  1. Day trip of villages around Channapatna
  2. Drive to Gulakamale lake
  3. Drive to Ragihalli Betta
  4. Drive to Koratagere Doddi
  5. Drive to Gullahatti Kaval
  6. Drive and local trip to Mekedaatu
  7. Drive to Ghati Subramanya and Makalidurga
  8. Drive to Kaiwara
  9. Driving around Devanahalli town
  10. Visiting GKVK university campus
  11. Driving around Haniyur village
  12. Visiting Railway Gollahalli
  13. Exploring Bannerghatta zoo and National park
  14. Driving around Hesaraghatta

Treks & hikes:

Bangalore is blessed with abundant hills surrounding its periphery on all sides. There is an endless opportunity to explore a new hiking trail almost every day of the year. There are only a few that have been caught by the explorers and thanks to social media, have become popular. Here is a list of few such trails that I have hiked up and found time to document my experience.

  1. A natural arch – Bheemanakindi
  2. Night hike to see sunrise – Kunti Betta
  3. Hike to Siddarabetta
  4. Trek to Madhugiri fort

Explore city:

Once popular as the garden city, no one really saw Bengaluru to be expanding as much as it has and has been. Albeit being so modern, it is old and conservative. Despite being advanced with IT and tech, it is still laid back with its art and history. If you are someone with an interest to explore all sides of this metropolitan city, then I’ve tried my best to share some of my knowledge here.

  1. A Gastronomic walk-tour of South Bengaluru
  2. History of IISc and HAL, the two Premier institutes of India
  3. A list of premier museums in Bengaluru and their history
  4. Visiting a HMT watch store

Long drives:

These are places that you can visit in one day by road from Bangalore. if you are in a mood for a lonng drive, beyond Bangalore, here are itineraries for one-full day.

  1. Hogeynakal waterfalls
  2. Exploring nature around Mysore circuit
  3. Historical temples of Lepakshi
  4. Unesco Heritage (tentative) site- Temples of Belur & Halebeedu
  5. Exploring KGF (Kolar Gold Field)

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